History of West Worthing Evangelical Church

  1. West  Worthing Evangelical Church, Rugby Road, was originally founded in 1900,   meetings first being held in the laundry premises in Elm Grove. In 1912  during the pastorate of Rev. John  Onions the congregation moved into its own  purpose built chapel in Rugby Road. Sunday worship services and a Sunday school, as well as meetings for women, children and young people mid-week were established.  The cause was founded upon "undenominational lines" although firmly   Protestant, being faithful to the Bible in all aspects of its life and   work. The Church has always believed in a triune nature of the Godhead, with Jesus Christ as man's only means of salvation, which He secured through His atonement on the cross. In its early days the church became known for its clear Protestant witness, and for upholding the authenticity and authority of the Word of God. The  Church has always relied upon the faithful giving of God's own people to meet its funding and has never resorted to public appeals. During the   long history of the church it has passed through difficult times. In   the 1939-45 War the premises were used as a day school due to the large   influx of evacuees into the town. On the cessation of hostilities a full    programme of activities was recommenced, although it was not easy to re-establish  he cause after the war.

  • In the mid 90's the church grew and an attractive hall was added to its  premises, and a gallery was installed in the church sanctuary to help  accommodate the growing congregation
  • .The  area around where the church now stands was once part of the town's extensive  horticultural industry. Just as seeds were once sown and plants nurtured   in the area in years gone by, spiritually this is the prayer of the church  today: that as the gospel seed is sown, the Lord may be pleased to bring  forth spiritual fruit to His honour and glory.


Ministers at West Worthing Evangelical Church

John Onions 1906 -1925


Theodore Bendor Samuel 1927-1931


Fredrick King 1934-1939

Norman Cogley 1942-1944

Earnest Bacon 1945-1948


Charles F Brown 1954-1962

Trevor Manning 1963-1973


Clifford Mothersdale 1974-1976

William Hamiliton 1980-1983

John W Billett 1991 -2005


Ian McNaughton 2008-2013